Fallout: Miami receives a new in-engine trailer

Fallout Miami is coming, and it promises to give Fallout fans tonnes of free content

Fallout 4 fans are getting a tonne of free content thanks to the dedication of the game’s modding community. Soon, Fallout London will be released, and next up we have Fallout Miami. That’s right, Fallout is coming to Florida!

Fallout Miami is a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4 that will take gamers to the post-apocalyptic Vacation Wasteland of Miami Beach. Players will have a new, original, setting to explore, and a new main quest. Evidently, this mod will have a tonne of new Miami-themed content. For instance, there will be irradiated Flamingo-like monsters! Beware the Mingo!

To celebrate the release of the Fallout TV series and Fallout 4’s next-generation update, the team behind this mod have released a new in-engine trailer for their DLC-sized expansion. The mod will bring back classic Fallout features like the faction reputation system. Additionally, this mod will add new content in the form of unique monsters and factions. If you are a fan of Fallout, this mod is worth keeping an eye on.

With the release of the Fallout TV Show, and the Next-Gen Update for Fallout 4, take a look at the Post-Nuclear Vacation Destination of Fallout: Miami.

The Sole Survivor journeys to the sunny South, following the promise of a well-paid job but ends up embroiled in a conflict between various groups, some vying for power, others fighting to uphold their ideals.

Fallout: Miami is a brand new world space with a gripping main quest, side-quests, equipment, settlements, and a host of interesting characters and companions! Uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearances and participate in the age-old struggle between Order and Freedom.

Sadly, there is no ETA for this upcoming Fallout 4 mod. The team behind the mod are currently looking for modders to contribute to the mod’s development. Interested modders can find out more on the project’s website.

You can join the discussion on Fallout Miami on the OC3D Forums.

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