Aqua Computer reveals their D5 NEXT water cooling pump

Aqua Computer reveals their D5 NEXT water cooling pump 

Aqua Computer reveals their D5 NEXT water cooling pump

The D5 pump has long been the staple of water cooling enthusiasts, so much so that many water cooling enthusiasts would seldom consider competing designs. 

No matter what the product is, there is always room for improvement, whether it be by addressing potential shortcomings or adding new features into the mix. Aqua Computer plans to do the latter with their D5 NEXT, a smart pump design that merges the proven Laing D5 pump design with an electronics system that can provide users with a level of control that greater than anything before it. 

On top of these changes, the D5 NEXT also adds support for RGB illumination and control options but for now, we will focus on the unit’s functional upgrades, which include an integrated OLED panel and onboard control options as well as a USB-powered control system that can be adjusted directly from the user’s PC. 

Integrated into the pump is a temperature sensor, which can bed used to create temperature based pump/fan profiles, with the unit integrating a 25W PWM fan controller that can adjust fan speeds based on fluid temperatures. An alarm is also present within the unit which sounds if a blockage occurs within the user’s water cooling loop.

The system itself is powered using a SATA cable, and the unit’s firmware can be updated via USB and controlled using Aqua Computer’s Aquasuite software. An RGBpx LED output is also available on the unit to connect and sync with connected RGB LED strips. The control unit of the D5 NEXT can be detached from the pump, allowing the unit to be easily installed or disassembled. The video below showcases most of the pump’s new features. 

The Aqua Computer D5 NEXT pump will become available later this month for €119.00. More information about the D5 NEXT is available on Aqua Computer’s website (link). 

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