Cooler Master denies the existence of “AI thermal paste”

Cooler Master confirms that their multi-colour CryoFuze 5 thermal compound isn’t an “AI thermal paste”

Following recent reports on the company’s new CryoFuze 5 thermal compound, Cooler Master has released a statement to confirm that “there is no such thing as AI thermal paste“.

Earlier this week, Cooler Master’s CryoFuze 5 thermal compound appeared on the company’s Chinese website. The website listed the product as an “AI” thermal paste that is “AI competitive”. Cooler Master has since confirmed that information had been “lost in translation”, and that their new thermal compound is not an “AI” product.

Cooler Master’s CryoFuze 5 thermal compound is the the company’s “best thermal paste yet”. It can handle a thermal range of -50 degrees and 240 degrees celcius. The thermal compound claims to have a coefficient of thermal conductivity of 12.6 W/m2K. CryoFuze 5 is a suitable product for hot PC components, but it would be inaccurate to call it an “AI” product.

Cooler Master’s full statement is available in their Twitter/X post below.

It ain’t AI, but it is RGB (kinda)

Cooler Master’s CryoFuze 5 thermal compound will be available in six colour options. That means that users can choose their favourite colour, or mix and match to have an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour pattern using a mix of these options. Yes, you won’t be able to see this thermal paste under your heatsink, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your thermal paste is RGB.

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