Cooler Master had multi-coloured “AI” CryoFuze 5 thermal paste

Cooler Master’s new CryoFuze 5 thermal compound has six colour options and “nanoparticles”

Cooler Master China have revealed the company’s CryoFuze 5 thermal compound, an “AI competitive” Thermal Interface Material (TIM) with six colour options. Yes, with CryoFuze 5, PC builders will be able to choose what colour of thermal compound they want. Why? Why not?

Like prior Cooler Master CryoFuze products, CryoFuze 5 will feature “nanoparticles” in its design. The compound is suitable for use on both CPUs and GPUs, and will work at between temperatures of -50 degrees and 240 degrees celcius. The thermal compound claims to have a coefficient of thermal conductivity of 12.6 W/m2K.

Without dedicated testing, we do not know how well this thermal compound compares with its competitors. We also do not know if this thermal compound’s colour has an impact on its thermal performance. After all, it’s coloured additive makes each compound materially different, at least partially.

On the thermal past’s Chinese webpage, CryoFuze 5 claims to be an “AI competitive” product. Honestly, we do not know what Cooler Master means by this. The company are probably using AI as a buzzword here, as it can be used on CPUs and GPUs with built-in AI accelerators. So maybe they mean that it is a competitive thermal compound for AI products?

Currently, it is unknown if Cooler Master plans to release their multi-coloured CryoFuze 5 thermal compound in western markets. We will definitely ask if we see them at Computex 2024.

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