Geil Release the EVO Cyclone Memory Cooling System

Geil Release the EVO Cyclone Memory Cooling System OC3D Official Press Release
GeIL is proud the announce the launch of the GeIL EVO Cyclone Memory Cooling System, featuring the world’s 1st memory cooling fan with LED display, embedded with thermal sensor, indicating the surrounding temperature and real-time fan RPM. The Cyclone LED logo fan will display “GeIL” / “EVO Cyclone” in one cycle then automatically switching to “Temperature” / “RPM” in the next.
Optimized Cooling Technology
Designed with maximized airflow and heat dissipation, the metal fan bracket of the EVO Cyclone come with dual sets of cooling fin on both sides of the fan and air ducts underneath providing maximum cooling power for your high performance memory modules.
Universal Kit Design
The EVO Cyclone comes with a height-adjustable clip design to fit memory module heat sink of all sizes! From the tall and buffed up EVO ONE to the slim and sleek Black Dragon!
Quiet Operation at 21dBA
The ultra-quiet fan operates at a stealthy 21dBA with 3400RPM with life expectancy exceeding 25000 hours of continuous operation!
Geil EVO Cyclone
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