Hyte promises to “destroy” their competition with their THICC Q60 CPU Liquid Cooler

HYTE’s THICC Q60 promises to be a game-changing liquid cooling solution, and I’m not talking about its large LCD screen

Hyte have officially launched their THICC Q60 CPU cooler, and all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler than aims to transform the CPU cooling market. This heatsink was originally revealed at Computex 2023, promising to use a thick radiator, thick fans, and a huge IPS display. Nobody else has created a CPU cooler like this.

HYTE’s THICC Q60 defied all established norms for CPU liquid coolers. Where most manufacturers use 30mm (or thinner) radiators and standard 25mm fans, HYTE has gone large. With its 52mm thick 240mm liquid cooling radiator and 32mm thick FP20 fans, the THICC Q60 lives up to its name. Furthermore, Hyte’s Director, Rob Teller, has stated that “This 240 will destroy any 360 AIO from our competition.” Them’s fightin words!

Moving onto the CPU block itself, we can see that this heatsink features a large 5-inch 720×1280 screen. This screen features a 60Hz refresh rate and can display a wealth of potential content. Behind this screen is a 42-pixel QRGB array that is designed to illuminate the user’s system components. Users can control these features using HYTE’s Nexus software.

The Hyte THICC Q60 is now available to purchase in the US and Canada though HYTE.com. The cooler has an MSRP of $299.99 USD. Global availability for this product will start in Q1 2024.

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