HYTE reveals their most powerful cooler, the THICC Q80 TRIO

HYTE are ready for the hottest CPUs with their new and improved THICC Q80 Trio cooler

At Computex 2024, Hyte are taking their CPU coolers to the next level with their new THICC Q80 Trio liquid cooling solution. This new model features a 52mm thick 360mm liquid cooling radiator, a new fan system, and other improvements.

Like the THICC Q60, its larger counterpart features a 5-inch Ultraslim IPS display that features a qRGB array on its rear. When compared to the Q60, the Q80 Trio will feature a second generation cold plate design. This improved cold plate will feature 50% higher skived fin coverage, and upgrade liquid flow paths to lower CPU temps by an additional two degrees.

With this new liquid cooler, Hyte are promising users the “highest performance-to-noise” ratio on the market. The cooler will use Hyte’s new 32mm thick THICC FP12 Trio fans. At launch, this cooler will be available in Pitch Black and Panda colour schemes. The Q80 will also act as a Hyte Nexus primary node. This will allow it to support up to 18 connected devices on a single channel, or 36 across both available channels.

(Hyte’s new FP12 Trio fan set)

Currently, the pricing and release date of Hyte’s new THICC Q80 Trio heatsink are unknown. Like the THICC Q60, we expect the Q80 to be a premium product. After all, the device has a very large screen, and uses a lot of non-standard parts. Nobody else sells an all-in-one cooler with a 52mm thick radiator.

You can join the discussion on Hyte’s new THICC Q80 Trio CPU liquid cooler on the OC3D Forums.

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