New HTPC Cases To Debut!

News Posted 27/04/07
Author: PV5150

Official Press Release

Exclusive Sneak Peak

Overclock3d prides itself on bringing you the latest news when it breaks. Well, we’ve gone one better today and managed to get wind of something big; and of course we had to share it with you our valued readers.

A couple of days ago something floated across my desk that was simply too good to pass on. Now bear in mind that this product hasn’t been released yet, and so the details are basically zip. But what we can tell you that a new HTPC case manufacturer is coming to town, and the small glimpse of their hardware that we have is quite exciting.

Omaura is an unknown name in the world of HTPC hardware, but they are preparing to remedy the situation. Omaura’s first offering is a case that we know only by the name TF5. Apparently, the TF5 will be a MATX/ITX, 2 expansion card, Flex ATX PSU, and includes a standard card reader. There will also be an optional IR receiver made available and it is 100% MCE compatible.

We have heard along the grapevine that along with the TF5, there are 2 more cases and 3 accessory cases to follow. But rest assured that as soon as we have the finer details; more than likely as we get closer to release…you’ll see them here.

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