Overkill Cooling – Seeed Studio are selling a full water cooling kit for the Raspberry Pi 5

The Ultimate Pi overclocking kit? Seeed Studio are selling a custom liquid cooling solution for the Raspberry Pi 5

The Raspberry Pi 5 is already a powerful single board computing solution, but overclockers are always keen to push things further. Heavy overclocking always benefits from beefy cooling solution, and Seeed Studio and 52Pi may have created the ultimate Raspberry Pi 5 cooling kit. Yes, you can now liquid cool your Raspberry Pi 5!

For $120, the Seeed Studio x 52Pi water cooling kit costs more than even the 8GB Raspberry Pi 5. That said, if you want to push your Rasberry Pi as far as possible, this may be the cooling solution for your.

Seeed Studio claims that this cooler can keep a 3GHz overclocked Raspberry Pi 5 at  55 degrees celcius under load. That’s better than any air-based Raspberry Pi cooling solution that we know of.

Honestly, I do wonder if we could use this cooling solution to push a Raspberry Pi 5 to the magic speed of Pi GHz. A 3.14159 GHz Raspberry Pi would be awesome!

The Seeed Studio x 52Pi liquid cooling kit comes with everything that users need. It includes a custom Raspberry Pi waterblock, a liquid cooling radiator, and everything else you need to install the cooler. With a stock Raspberry Pi 5, this solution will keep the CPU running at around 37 degrees celcius under load.

Below is a Raspberry Pi 5 without a heatsink and the same overclocked Pi with its liquid cooler installed. As you can see, a strong cooling solution can dramatically reduce board temperatures.

The Seeed Studio X 52Pi water cooling kit is now available from Seeed Studio for $120.

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