Abit Ready For Vista

News Posted 27/11/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: The Inquirer

It looks like abit’s attention is focused on Intel’s discrete courtyard as the company lists nine Intel boards as ready for Vista.

The list includes IN9 32X-MAX, AB9 QuadGT, AW9D-MAX, AW9D, AW8D, AB9 Pro, AB9, IL9 Pro and IB9. The list of Intel integrated boards includes iL-90MV, iB-90HD, iT-90HD and LG-95 boards. AMD’s discrete list has total of five boards: flagship Fatal1ty AN9 32X, AN9 32X, KN9 SLI, KN9 Ultra and KN9S all Socket AM2.

AMD’s integrated list includes just two boards NF-M2 nView and NF-M2S both AM2 boards with the rest to follow. Abit informed the source that its Autorun, µGuru, FlashMenu and AbitEQ work under Vista 32 bit. AbitEQ and uGuru doesn’t support Vista 64, at least not yet.

There is still no installation for uGuru ready as yet but you can copy all files, run it and it should work. Abit engineers are on the task so you can expect the final Vista-ready tools very soon. Without these you can forget about flashing the bios or overclocking from Vista.

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