AMD will support their AM4 socket until 2020

AMD commits to their AM4 socket until 2020

AMD commits to their AM4 socket until 2020

AMD has officially released their budget-oriented B450 chipset, offering consumers low-cost alternatives to the company’s high-end Ryzen 2nd Generation X470 offerings, delivering most of the series’ high-end feature set while providing end-users with a pleasing price-to-performance ratio. 

The release of B450 has further cemented AMD’s plans to support their AM4 socket until 2020, allowing all of today’s AM4-class motherboards to support upcoming Ryzen processors. This pledge means that B450 (and older AM4 motherboards) will support AMD’s future 7nm Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000 series) processors when updated to a supported BIOS, offering a tremendous amount of forwards compatibility. In contrast, Intel motherboard chipsets/sockets typically don’t support more than two CPU generations. 

B450 also adds support for StoreMI technology and updates the platform with re-worked VRM and memory wiring specifications to offer enhanced memory compatibility and stability, traits that we have previously seen on X470 mainboards. B450 also supports overclocking, a feature that is not available on Intel’s competing B360 motherboards, giving AMD the budget overclocking crown. 

AMD commits to their AM4 socket until 2020  

We have been given a chance to have a look at three B450 motherboards in time for launch day, all of which have been benchmarked an reviewed for your reading/viewing pleasure. 

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