AMD issues a new statement on Ryzen 7000 burnout issues – “We have the root cause”

AMD issues a new statement on Ryzen 7000 burnout issues -

AMD has discovered the root cause of their Ryzen 7000 X3D burnout issues

Yesterday, AMD released a statement about issues that some Ryzen 7000 series CPU users had been facing following the launch of the company’s V-Cache enhanced X3D series processors. Some users of these processors had experienced CPU/motherboard failures, making their products non-functional, and AMD had confirmed that they were working with their partners to get to the bottom of the issue. 

Now, AMD has released a statement to confirm that they have uncovered the “root cause” of the issue, and that they have distributed new AGESA updates to their partners that should eliminate this issue. These updates will come to consumers in the form of new UEFI/BIOS updates, which will prevent AM5 motherboards from allowing CPUs to run past their specified limits. This included a cap on SoC voltage of 1.3V. 

AMD expects their partners to release new UEFI/BIOS updates that include their new AGESA code over the next few days. Below is AMD’s full statement to Anandtech.

    We have root caused the issue and have already distributed a new AGESA that puts measures in place on certain power rails on AM5 motherboards to prevent the CPU from operating beyond its specification limits, including a cap on SOC voltage at 1.3V. None of these changes affect the ability of our Ryzen 7000 Series processors to overclock memory using EXPO or XMP kits or boost performance using PBO technology.

We expect all of our ODM partners to release new BIOS for their AM5 boards over the next few days. We recommend all users to check their motherboard manufacturers website and update their BIOS to ensure their system has the most up to date software for their processor. 

Anyone whose CPU may have been impacted by this issue should contact AMD customer support. Our customer service team is aware of the situation and prioritizing these cases.

AMD issues a new statement on Ryzen 7000 burnout issues -

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