AMD Opteron Price Cuts

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It appears that AMD’s readying themselves for price drops on October 30th. The price drops affect AMD’s server and workstation Opteron products for Socket 940, 939, AM2 and 1207 platforms. AMD Opteron 800 series models 870, 875, 880 and 885 receive hefty 20-30% price cuts. Opteron 800 series HE models 860 HE, 865 HE, 870 HE and 875 HE receive similar 20-30% price drops—with similar pricing as non-HE models. Pricing for models 848 HE, 850, 850 HE, 852, 854, 856 and 865 will remain the same before and after October 30th, 2006.

According to the source, AMD’s 2P server and workstation Opteron 200 series, socket 939 100 series, revision E and the recently released revision F series Opteron’s are all in for major price cuts of around 19 – 47%.

You can view the expected price cut lists here and here

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