AMD to cut 5% of their workforce

AMD to cut 5% of their workforce

AMD to cut 5% of their workforce


It looks like AMD are going to be cutting 5% of their workforce as a new company restructuring plan comes into affect. This restructuring plans comes as part of AMD plan to simplify the business and place more resources around it’s priorities and on customer relationships. 

AMD’s focus into the future will be to build great products and to bring the company back into profitability within the next two years, as their new Zen architecture CPUs and Arctic Island GPUs come to market. With big changes in both AMD CPU and GPU architectures and a big process node change coming next year AMD has never had a better chance to bounce back, though the company still has a difficult road ahead of it.  

  AMD to cut 5% of their workforce   (Right now AMD faces tough competition from both Intel and Nvidia)


As part of the companies planned restructure 5% of the companies workforce will be cut and also will consolidate their real estate facilities. The planned restructure will save the company an anticipated $52 million in the 2016 fiscal year. 

Right now AMD is in a very tough situation, though they have a great opportunity to bounce back as they move into the future. With recent innovations with HBM on the GPU side, a whole new CPU architecture and a promised 2x increase in efficiency for next generation GPU AMD has a good chance of becoming industry leaders, or at least become highly competitive with both Intel and Nvidia. 

The next year is going to be one of the most interesting years when it comes to the enthusiast PC market, so we at OC3D are very much looking forward for what AMD has in store for us. 


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