AMD X2 Processor Pricing Hits New Low

News Posted 29/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: ocworkbench

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AMD processor pricing continues to tumble southwards, which really begs the question…’where the hell is the bottom?’

AMD Athlon64 3200(Box 3Yrs Warranty). S$112 (560HKD) 73USD
AMD Athlon64 3500(Box 3Yrs Warranty). S$113 (565HKD) 74USD
AMD Athlon64 3800(Box 3Yrs Warranty) S$179 (895HKD) 117USD
AMD Athlon64x2 3600 Dual Core S$119 (595HKD) 78USD
AMD Athlon64x2 3800 Dual Core S$155 (775HKD) 101USD
AMD Athlon64x2 4200 Dual Core S$179 (895HKD) 117USD
AMD Athlon64x2 4600 Dual Core S$205 (1025HKD) 164USD

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