AMD’s Milan-X EPYC processors are Cache-filled Monsters for technical computing

AMD's Milan-X EPYC processors are Cache Monsters for technical compuring

AMD’s Milan-X EPYC processors take V-Cache technology into the enterprise market

AMD targets the industrial computing market with their latest EPYC series processors. To do this, AMD utilising their 3D V-Cache technology to expand their 3rd Generation EPYC lineup with models that feature 768MB of L3 cache, three times as much cache as possible their pre-existing Milan series counterparts. 

These new processors are Milan-X, an offshoot of AMD’s Zen 3 EPYC lineup that offers users more L3 cache and substantial performance uplifts in targetted workloads. On average, AMD has claimed that targetted workloads receive a 50% performance uplift. 

Typically, each CPU die within an AMD EPYC processor can offer users up to eight cores and 32MB of L3 cache. AMD’s 3D V-Cache technology uses cutting-edge chip stacking techniques to mount an additional 64MB of L3 cache on top of AMD’s 8-core CPU dies, tripling the size of the L3 caches on their processors. 

Milan-X will be supported on all motherboard platforms that support today’s 3rd Generation EPYC processors, requiring a simple BIOS update to enable functionality. 

AMD has already revealed their 3D V-Cache technology, showcasing it on an enhanced Ryzen 5000 series processor. This processor was able to achieve a 15% performance uplift on average within gaming workloads.  

AMD's Milan-X EPYC processors are Cache Monsters for technical compuring  
AMD’s Huge Caches have a market!

While huge banks of L3 cache sound nice, it is worth noting that relatively few workloads benefit from colossal amounts of cache. That said, areas of the CPU market that benefit from large caches can benefit significantly from it. If that weren’t the case, AMD wouldn’t be investing its limited R&D resources into vertical cache stacking technologies. 

AMD’s Milan-X processors are designed to garner the interests of specific customers, those whose workloads would benefit from large banks of ultra-low latency memory. For these users, the performance gains offered by AMD’s Milan-X processors will be colossal, even when compared to AMD’s existing Milan series products. These customers will pay a premium for AMD’s V-Cache enhanced processors, securing AMD high profit margins. 

AMD's Milan-X EPYC processors are Cache Monsters for technical compuring  
Within an RTL verifications workload, AMD showcased their V-Cache Enhanced Milan-X processors deliver a 66% increase in performance over an equivalent Milan series CPU without V-Cache.  This alone showcases the benefits of AMD’s 3D chipmaking technologies and why customers will pay a premium for AMD’s Milan-X CPUs if their workloads demand it. 

A market exists for Milan X, and AMD’s ready to exploit its newfound opportunities. 

AMD's Milan-X EPYC processors are Cache Monsters for technical compuring  
AMD’s planning to release a variety of new V-Cache enhanced EPYC processors in Q1 2021. These processors will be available as 16-core, 24-core, 32-core and 64-core models, all of which will have 768MB of total L3 cache. 

Sadly, AMD did not reveal the pricing of their Milan-X series processors. We don’t expect these processors to be cheap, as the benefits of these CPUs will be exclusive to specific markets. 

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