AMD’s Rembrandt APU is reportedly a mobile gaming monster – RDNA 2 & Zen 3

AMD's Rembrandt APU is reportedly a gaming monster - RDNA 2 & Zen 3

AMD’s Rembrandt APU is reportedly a gaming monster – RDNA 2 & Zen 3

AMD’s next-generation of mobile APUs should deliver a tremendous performance uplift over their predecessors, pushing AMD’s Ryzen Mobile designs to 6nm while also moving to AMD’s Zen 3 CPU architecture and integrated RDNA 2 graphics. 

According to the leaker ExecutableFix, AMD’s rumoured “Rembrandt” CPU design will reportedly feature 12 RDNA 2 GPU compute units, enabling a huge boost in integrated graphics performance over today’s Ryzen Mobile CPU offerings. Today’s Cezanne Ryzen 5000 series CPUs feature up to eight Vega Compute units, a factor that highlights the benefits of AMD’s Rembrandt design. 

With 50% more GPU Compute Units (CUs) and new RDNA 2 CUs, AMD’s Rembrandt APUs should deliver tremendous performance gains over their predecessors in graphics-related workloads. Rembrandt will sit at the core of powerful mobile gaming offerings from AMD, offering up to 50% more compute units and all of the architectural benefits of AMD’s latest Radeon architectures.  
While AMD’s Rembrandt CPUs will offer gamers a lot of graphics performance, it is worth remembering that these iGPUs will remain less powerful than consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox Series S, which uses 20 RDNA 2 compute units in its design. Even so, Rembrandt should offer a great experience on older titles and cross-generational game releases. 

ExecutableFix has also claimed that Rembrandt will also feature AMD’s Zen 3 core design, an optimised version of the company’s Zen 3 architecture. Older rumours suggest that Zen 3 will feature minor architectural enhancements over today’s Zen 3 processors. That said, TSMC’s 6nm node could be used to enable higher clock speeds or heightened efficiency levels. 

If today’s rumours are legitimate, AMD’s Rembrandt series of Ryzen Mobile APUs will offer AMD a tremendous boost to integrated graphics performance, thanks to AMD’s use of the latest Radeon architecture and more GPU compute units. 


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AMD's Rembrandt APU is reportedly a gaming monster - RDNA 2 & Zen 3 (Image Via Videocardz)