EVGA Classified motherboard unveiled

EVGA Classified motherboard unveiled

Self proclaimed overclocking evangelist  Peter ‘Shamino’ Tan, and now EVGA motherboard engineer, has provided a classified glimpse of EVGA’s upcoming X58 motherboard – the EVGA Classified. Formerly known as the EVGA ‘For The Win’ edition, the Classified as it will now be officially known, looks set to expand upon the insane levels of tweakability and stability that we saw in the Foxconn BlackOps.

…the board allows full 3-way SLI nForce 200 x16/x16/x16 style to be used with room left over for a PCI-E x1 audio card on the top slot. This essentially enables a flexible PCI-Express slot arrangement for the ultimate 3-Way SLI + PhysX + audio card setup that enthusiasts have only dreamed of up until now.

For users with water cooled or extreme cooled GPU setups, there are now four PCI-Express Enable/Disable jumpers, one per slot, that allow multi-GPU setups to be troubleshooted without having to take out the cards.

In addition, the CPU core power circuitry has been completely redesigned with Super-low ESR and ESL Film Capacitors placed right behind the CPU Socket, so only the cleanest power goes into the CPU. A high-quality CPU socket is also used, with three times the normal amount of gold content for the lowest impedance and highest current transfer. Furthermore, it is complemented by its slick shiny black anodized coloring.

According to the source article the EVGA Classified is expected to be available around mid-February, as this will allow current EVGA X58 SLI owners to upgrade through EVGA’s Step-Up Program.

EVGA Classified_1

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Peter ‘Shamino’ Tan also released a preview article which accompanied the EVGA Classified images, and the article can be found here

Who’s going to be donating body parts and selling off siblings/relatives to get a hold of the EVGA Classified when it arrives?

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