Fujitsu Develops World’s Fastest Processor

Fujitsu Develops World’s Fastest ProcessorVenus
It looks like Intel are having a bad time at the moment, with the huge fine slapped on them by the European Commision and now this. Fujitsu has somehow manage to create Venus, a supercomputer CPU capable of performing a mouth watering 128 billion computations per second. I hope Intel have a box of tissues handy to dry their eyes because the chip from Fujitsu is 2.5 times faster than Intel’s leading offering.
The CPU prototype is made using  the latest 45nm process with a total of 8 physical cores. The CPU is also supposed to consume two thirds less power than the Intel equivalent. Fujitsu expect Practical Application of the Venus processor within several years, with one possible area of usage in research for new drugs. This marks the first time in 10 years for a Japanese company to hold the record for the fastest processor, something no doubt they will be extremely happy about.
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