Gigabyte’s latest motherboards are ready for superheavy graphics cards

Gigabyte are ready for 58KG graphics cards thanks to their “Ultra Durable Armour” PCIe slots

The folks over at Benchlife have managed to get a look at one of Gigabyte’s newest Aorus series motherboards, clearly showing us what to expect from future designs. This includes support for crazy-heavy graphics cards, thanks to a PCIe slot that can hold 58KG of weight. Yes, Gigabyte are ready for 58KG graphics cards.

Thanks to Gigabyte’s new “Ultra Durable PCIe Armor”, the company’s future motherboards will be able to support seemingly any graphics card without risk to its PCIe slots. That is good news for Gigabyte’s newest Aorus motherboards. That said, future GPUs will need to be designed with strong enough PCBs to support their own weight.

Recently PCB cracking being reported for some of the industry’s heaviest graphics cards. In our eyes, an armoured PCIe slot alone won’t be enough to make much heavier GPUs a reality. Beyond that, we would recommend that users of heavy GPUs invest in some form of GPU support. After all, such supports will put less strain on several areas of your system, not just your PCIe slot.

While we respect Gigabyte’s willingness to create overkill PCIe slots, this is a sign that the GPUs are becoming too heavy. Perhaps all large GPUs should start shipping with support solutions. After all, GPUs shouldn’t be able to fail because of their own weight.

You can join the discussion on Gigabyte’s reinforced PCIe slots on the OC3D Forums.

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