Intel Unveils Plans For Pentium E2000

News Posted 14/11/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: Digit-Life

In the previous plan, Pentium E1000 (Conroe-L) family are single-core processors which include E1020 (1.4GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB), E1040 (1.6GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB), and E1060 (1.8GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB). They are set to replace the market of single-core Netburst. However, as dual core is already popular, single core is on borrowed time, and hence Pentium E2000 family now bears the mission to replace the market instead. Conroe-L is kept for Celeron only. According to the latest roadmap from Intel, Pentium E2000 is based on the native L2 stepping 2MB Conroe core, in which 1MB of the L2 cached is disabled. This family is available from Q3 07 including E2140 (1.6GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB) and E2160 (1.8GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB). Enhanced Intel SpeedStep (EIST), Intel 64 (I64) and Execute Disable Bit (XD Bit) are supported like Core 2 Duo. Yet Intel Virtualisation (VT), ViiV and vPRO are excluded for separating the market.

In addition, Intel has updated its shipment estimation. In Q1 07, Pentium 4 single core share about 18% of the total shipment for Desktop computers. The proportion is expected to slip gradually. As 90nm Pentium 4500 and 600 family are to be cut in Q2 07, the only left will be 65nm Pentium 4 6×1 where the shipment share has dropped to 7% or lower. Stepping in Q3 07, the Era of Netburst comes to an end as Pentium D and Pentium 4 are both terminated at that time already. The vacancies within the market are replaced by Core 2 Duo E4000 and Pentium E2000. Intel expects Pentium E2000 will share 18% of the total shipment when launched.

Intel e2000

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