Leaked Zen 5 details suggest strong gaming uplifts for AMD’s Ryzen 8000 series CPUs

New Zen 5 leaks detail strong gaming performance, but lower than expected clock speeds

The YouTuber Red Gaming Tech has released a new video detailing AMD’s planned Ryzen 8000 series of Zen 5 CPUs. These leaks detail some performance numbers for AMD’s next-generation desktop processors. Within the video, Red Gaming Tech discusses Cinebench scores for AMD’s new processors, and their gaming performance.

Red Gaming Tech has previously, detailed leaked Zen 5 Cinebench R23 performance numbers. Now, the YouTuber has showcased some Cinebench 2024 benchmark numbers, which gives AMD’s 16-core Zen 5 flagship single-threaded and multi-threaded scores of around 140 points and 2400 points. These performance numbers are rounded to protect their source, and it is worth noting that these performance numbers aren’t much higher than what we have achieved with a stock i9-14900K.

Red Gaming Tech noted that AMD’s next-generation Zen CPUs are expected to run at lower clock speeds than their Zen 4 counterparts. Specifically, CPUs are expected to be between 150MHz to 300 MHz slower. That said, these clock speed reductions are countered by AMD’s next-gen Zen cores, which delivers more performance though architectural improvements. These improvements help AMD to deliver notable IPC gains with Zen 5. These IPC benefits allow AMD to deliver more performance per clock cycle across a variety of workloads.

Will Zen 5 be a gaming champion, even without V-Cache?

Red Gaming Tech has suggested that AMD’s architectural advancements with their next-generation Zen processors have a large impact on gaming workloads. The YouTuber has stated that AMD’s standard Zen 5 CPUs will outperform AMD’s V-Cache enhanced Zen 4 X3D chips. This should mean that AMD’s next-generation X3D CPUs will be monstrously powerful gaming processors. After all, there is no reason why AMD can’t add some V-Cache to their next-generation CPUs.

This CPU seems to offer very different performance based upon different conditions. It seems that, generally speaking for gaming anyway, the Zen 5 based vanilla Ryzens, for example the 8950X, are going to generally outperform the X3D Zen 4 parts. Again, that is going to be gaming-focused.

AMD are likely to launch their Ryzen 8000 series CPUs in early 2024, with some leaks suggesting that AMD will tease their new CPUs at CES. If these leaks are true, AMD’s Ryzen 8000 series CPUs will be a huge hit amongst PC builders. This will be especially true for those who see gaming as a priority workload.

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