LGA775 Sticking Around For A While

LGA775 Sticking Around For A While
Despite the advent of Intel’s new LGA1366 Core i7 platform, there’s little doubt LGA775 will be around for a reasonable amount of time.  What may come as a surprise, however, is how long Intel will be keeping it alive.  It seems Intel is considering keeping the Core 2 Duo platform as an entry-level setup all the way until 2011.
If this were to happen, the motherboards to bear it will need to be upgraded a bit to continue to make it a viable option.  Keeping with the idea of targeting the entry-level market, it will be the Intel 4-series chipsets that will be getting adjusted.
Intel is planning to make some modifications to its 4-series chipsets including boosting the G45’s image processing performance, and adding Post Processing and Report Mode technologies to boost the chipset’s image quality and add support of 24Hz monitors.

For the G43 chipset, Intel will improve memory slot support from two DIMMs originally to four and increase capacity from 8GB DDR2 and 4GB DDR3 to 16GB DDR2 and 8GB DDR3. G41 chipsets will see the addition of an HDMI port, as well as support of the ICH7 southbridge and RAID.

Thought your current Core 2 Duo was going to be on track for EOL soon?
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