OCZ Cooperates With Shuttle, ASUSTeK, And ABIT To Reveal Some New Products

– News Posted 08/12/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: OCZ Technology

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OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today hosts a special APAC Summit with key platform partners to address overclocking and introduce the new products, the latest platforms and total solutions for the coming year. This event takes place on Dec 7th, and is co-hosted by leading edge manufacturers Shuttle, ASUSTeK, and ABIT.

Overclocking and cross platform cooperation are the key topics at the event. OCZ, Shuttle, and ASUSTeK will kick off the event by releasing a number of new products aimed at gamers and enthusiasts. In addition, OCZ has partnered up with numerous motherboard manufacturers to deliver the very best performance and compatibility to high end users. These motherboard platform partners also showcase their latest platforms at the conference. Platform providers that are participating in the event include ASUSTeK, ABIT, Albatron, DFI, Gigabyte, BIOSTAR, SiS and Shuttle.

“At OCZ we are excited to cooperate with Shuttle, ASUSTeK, and the top industry platform partners to deliver advanced products and solutions,” commented Alex Mei, VP of Marketing and Communications, OCZ Technology Inc. “The APAC Summit in Taipei is an opportunity for us to co-develop overclocking and gaming solutions on next generation platforms and ultimately deliver a superior total offering to consumers in all regions.”

“ASUSTeK is the industry leader in high performance motherboards, and a pioneer in supporting overclocking friendly features” commented Richard Liu, Director of motherboard product managers at ASUSTeK Computer Inc. “We are excited to work closely with OCZ Technology to provide customers with an even richer total overclocking experience.”

“OCZ APAC’s goal is to provide the best products and technical support to our customers and end-users in the Asia Pacific Region.” stated Scott Suo, OCZ APAC General Manager. “OCZ APAC will start to ship a wide range of branded products to the major APAC distributors and channels in January 2007.” (OCZ Technology, 2006)

So what can we expect from OCZ in the near future?

Recently we have seen a movement from OCZ as primarily a memory producer, to manufacturing more enthusiast orientated hardware such as:

* FlexXLC – The worlds fastest memory with the ability to run on both air and water cooling;
* ProXStream – The worlds smallest 1000W ATX PSU;
* Silver Array – Innovative CPU Waterblock with direct contact silver rod array.

So what can we expect from OCZ Technology in the future? Well here is the clincher…OCZ will be releasing video cards to the market, beginning with the Nvidia 8800 series! But, not only are OCZ going to be releasing video cards; OCZ has told OC3D that the graphics cards will feature cherry picked components making them most possibly the most overclockable cards on the market.

OCZ 8800

Further, OCZ is working closely with Industry leaders interested in promoting high performance gaming and overclocking as a total solution. Essentially manufacturers working together to deliver a superior overclocking experience to even novice overclocking consumers with special overclocking friendly features, cross validation, and platform specific parts. We can expect :

* OCZ is working closely with Shuttle on an Enthusiast XPC – with more overclocking bios friendly features and enthusiast appeal in a SFF with advanced thermal consideration;
* OCZ + Shuttle + ASUS – OCZ are co-working together on a total high performance gaming solution which utilizes an ASUS motherboard, (multiple 8800 capable) system with compact footprint. OCZ is also working closely with ASUS on special customized memory (Superior Performance & Stability).

OCZ and Shuttle OCZ and ASUS

No doubt, you’re now as excited as we are about what OCZ has in store for the PC enthusiast community, and the commitment to quality of hardware that they are about to embark on. To ensure that this bold new approach is successful, we need to show support for manufacturers who are making the effort to improve the quality of our overclocking; and assist them in securing this new niche market.

If you are interested in what OCZ has in store, feel free to read the supplied PDF’s here and here. Special thanks goes out to OCZ Technology for this news scoop

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