Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA 3 GPUs will launch in 2022, AMD confirms

AMD confirms that Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA 3 GPUs will launch in 2022

Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA 3 GPUs will launch in 2022, AMD confirms

2021 has been an explosive year for AMD, cementing for the company growth across all areas of its business and success within all areas of the PC market. Right now, AMD can sell seemingly every piece of silicon that it produces, but that doesn’t mean that AMD can rest on its laurels. If AMD wants to maintain its momentum, AMD’s products need to continue to improve. 

During the company’s Q2 2021 earnings call, AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, confirmed that the company’s next-generation Zen 4 processors and RDNA 3 graphics cards are on track to launch in 2022. Su also noted that AMD’s investments in 3D chipmaking technologies should allow the company to “continue growing faster than the market. 

Below is what Lisa Su had to say during AMD’s Q2 2021 earnings call (transcript via Seeking Alpha); 


    Our engineering teams are aggressively driving our product and technology roadmaps to continue setting the pace of innovation for high performance computing. We remain on track to launch next generation products in 2022, including our Zen 4 processors built with industry leading 5 nanometer process technology and our RDNA 3 GPUs.

We also recently demonstrated the next major advance in our triplet strategy with our differentiated 3D dissecting technology that enables significantly denser and more efficient connections between stack chips. Based on the strength of our long-term roadmap and the deep partnerships we have established, we expect to continue growing significantly faster than the market.

In summary, we’re making great progress towards our ambitious goal of establishing AMD as a high performance computing leader and the best-in-class growth franchise.

AMD has reconfirmed that their Zen 4 processors will be based on a 5nm process technology, a factor that places AMD ahead of Intel. Intel expects to release Alder Lake using its Intel 7 process technology later this year, and the company’s first Intel 5 (5nm equivalent) processor is unlikely to release before 2023. Furthermore, AMD is due to release high-end processors that leverage 3D chip stacking technologies in high volumes long before Intel, thanks to their V-Cache enhanced Zen 3 products. 

With RDNA 3, AMD has an opportunity to push further into the high-end GPU market and strengthen their Radeon product lines with new architectural enhancements and design features. Rumour has it that AMD’s high-end RDNA 3 products will feature a multi-chip design, potentially delivering staggering performance boosts to the high-end Radeon lineup. AMD has not commented on its plans for RDNA 3, which means that nothing is known about the architecture with absolute certainty. 

Right now, AMD has a proven track record of strong execution with its Zen and RDNA architectures, and there is little reason to doubt that AMD cannot continue this success with RDNA 3 and Zen 4. That said, Intel and Nvidia will have strong products to counter AMD’s continued advancement, a factor that will make the next few years incredibly interesting for the CPU and GPU markets. 

Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA 3 GPUs will launch in 2022, AMD confirms  
When should we expect Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA 3 GPUs? The short answer is 2022, though it is probable that AMD won’t be releasing these new products until the second half of 2022, if not its final quarter. 

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