ASUS expands their ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM warranty to three years, and it includes burn-in

ASUS has now given their ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM monitor a 3 year warranty that includes burn-in

ASUS are confident about the longevity of their OLED gaming monitors. Why else would they expand the warranty of their ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM from one year to three? Yes, this expanded warranty even covers burn-in, signalling that burn-in is no longer the major concern that it once was with OLED monitors.

ASUS’ ROG Swift PG32UCDM is a 32-inch 4K 240Hz gaming monitor. As an OLED gaming screen, this monitor features strong HDR support, inky-deep blacks, and excellent colour reproduction. This screen is G-Sync compatible and is FreeSync Premium certified, making it ideal for gaming with all modern GPUs.

Stronger warranty coverage for OLED monitors is a strong sign that the industry is now confident about the longevity of OLED screen technology. After all, a three-year warranty gives users a lot of time to use and abuse their panels. By having a dedicated burn-in warranty, monitor manufacturers are signing themselves up to refund or replace monitors affected by burn-in. That’s an expensive commitment. You can bet that ASUS are certain that burn-in will not be a major issue for their new OLED monitors.

Right now, ASUS has only added 3-year warranty (including burn-in) coverage to their PG32UCDM OLED monitor. At this time we do not know how many monitor will be receiving this expanded warranty coverage. We expect to learn more from ASUS about these changes soon.

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