ATI Introduce New workstation GPU’s

ATI's fire GL Card

ATI Introduces FireGLT V7350, the Workstation Industry’s First One Gigabyte Graphics Accelerator

ATI has announced new Workstation Grahpics Cards based on revolutionary 90nm Technology and with a choice of 512mb or 1GB onboard memory. These cards will look to severely upset Nvidia’s hold on the Desktop Workstation Graphics Cards Market.

Called the ATI FireGLâ„¢ V7350 (1gb), and also a 512 megabyte configuration, the FireGLâ„¢ V7300: the cards look to be able to take the Graphical workstation by storm.

ATI have given these chips pricetags of: $1,999 USD MSRP and $1,599 USD MSRP respectively.

ATI claim (Quote): Featuring an extremely powerful ultra-threaded parallel processing GPU, and ATI’s industry leading Avivo™ video and display technology, these new ultra high-end graphics cards further extend ATI’s workstation graphics line, delivering better performance, more advanced features and higher image quality.

Based on the R520 this card should be good news to all those needing a Top-Notch Workstation Card

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