BFG Tech Offering Free Upgrade

BFG Tech wants their AGP graphics cards back!
Hands up those who have been hanging onto that AGP 8X BFG graphics card in the hope that it may come in handy sometime…
The folks at BFG Tech are giving ‘qualified’ customers the opportunity to upgrade their AGP graphics card to a PCIe one at no/little cost to the customer as they phase out support for the aging bus type. As part of the deal, your existing card must be in good working order, and they’ll even allow you to upgrade from the equivalent PCIe card for a small fee.
The PCI Express bus type for graphics cards is the standard going forward for all systems and motherboards. In fact, AGP is no longer being supported. If you were to upgrade your system or motherboard now or in the future, you would need a PCI Express graphics card to support that new system, which would improve your overall performance in 3D games and video processing. We’d like to encourage you to trade in your current working AGP BFG graphics card for a BFG PCI Express graphics card. The chart below shows BFG AGP cards and their closest PCI Express equivalent.
Now, for a limited time, if you send us your BFG AGP card in good, working condition, we’ll send you the PCI Express equivalent at no cost to you. If you want to upgrade to an even better performing card, there is a nominal fee to do so. Offer good for U.S. customers only. If you choose to take advantage of this offer, please remember that you would need to upgrade your current AGP-based system to a PCI Express-based system at your expense in order for the new card to work. That means upgrading your motherboard and possibly your CPU (processor).
BFG Tech upgrade offer
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