CCL’s Scalping Again – GPUs should not cost this much

CCL's Scalping Again - GPUs should not cost this much

CCL’s Scalping Again – GPUs should not cost this much

CCL are at it again, listing graphics cards at insane prices that in no way reflect the MSRPs of Nvidia or their add-in-board (AIB) partners, highlighting some of the worst aspects of today’s PC market. 

As it stands, PC building is a dying hobby. The prices of some products are so high that many PC gamers plan to quit the hobby entirely, as the enthusiasm that the market thrives is evaporating fast. Graphics cards at MSRP prices are practically non-existent, and value for money is now a long-forgotten concept. If things continue like this, many PC gamers will be priced out of the market and quit the hobby when their upgrade itch goes unscratched for too long. 

Today, we will highlight some prices that we feel are indefensible, and these listings are emblematic of the problems that face the PC market today. Yes, supply and demand is an issue, and Nvidia and AIB MSRPs do not often match, but these prices are simply ridiculous. Come on CCL; please tell us that these prices are placeholders or that you have an Overclockers UK style discount code! 

Let’s be clear here, the GPU listings below are legitimate and were on CCL’s website at the time of this article’s publication.  

MSI RTX 3080 Ti Gaming X Trio OC

We reviewed MSI’s RTX 3080 Ti Suprim X when it launched at the start of this month. Back then MSI told us that the graphics card’s recommended retail price was £1749, though this has since been reduced to £1,689.99. Note that MSI’s RTX 3080 Ti Gaming X Trio OC is a lower-end model than the Suprim.

MSI has informed us that the recommended retail price of the Gaming X Trio is £1,609.99. That give CCL almost a £400 markup over MSI’s already profitable RRP. 

For £1,999, CCL is taking advantage of today’s supply-constrained market. £2,000 is what we would expect a premium RTX 3090 to cost, not a mid-range TX 3080 Ti. Remember that Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition has an MSRP of £1,049. That’s the difference between marketing and reality in today’s market. 

CCL's Scalping Again - GPUs should not cost this much  

Gainward RTX 3080 Phoenix 10GB

One of our readers sent is this listing today, and it made us sick to our stomachs. Remember when premium RTX 3080 graphics cards cost £849 at retail and Nvidia MSRP models launched at £649? £1,399 is so ridiculous that we almost can’t believe it. 

As it stands, this is the only RTX 3080 graphics card that is available on CCL’s website, and it is available with pricing that is much higher than an RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition. How is this justifiable? 

CCL's Scalping Again - GPUs should not cost this much  

Gamers deserve better than this, and dedicated PC retailers should put their customers ahead of this disgusting desire for profit. Today’s graphics card shortage is sickening, as it has prevented many of us from indulging in our hobbies when we needed to the most. Today’s prices are eroding at the enthusiasm that makes PC gaming great, and CCL isn’t helping.

The internet has a long memory, and we will remember how much they tried to charge us for an RTX 30 series graphics card. Scalper prices have hit retailers, making most consumers unable to get a new graphics card at a reasonable price, even if they are in stock.

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