Firaxis are looking into the performance issues in XCOM 2

XCOM 2 PC Performance Review - AMD VS Nvidia

Firaxis are looking into the performance issues in XCOM 2


Firaxis have told their community that they are currently looking into the performance issues that many gamers have suffered from in XCOM 2, saying that they want gamers to have “the best experience possible”. 

To say the least the performance of XCOM 2 on PC isn’t great, even for those with top of the line hardware, as can be seen in our PC performance review of the title. Right now Firaxis has created a FAQ page with potential fixes for PC gamers who are suffering from issues, but to say the least the visuals of XCOM 2 are not good enough to justify such high end hardware. 

A 2K representative has said this to PCGAMER.  


 We are aware some players have experienced performance issues while playing XCOM 2, and we are looking into them and gathering more information from users,

We want everyone to have the best experience possible, and will continue supporting the title with upcoming patches.


Firaxis are looking into the performance issues in XCOM 2  

Hopefully the developers will be able to release a new patch for the game soon that can fix the game’s biggest issues, but right now all we can do is tell you to turn down your graphical settings and turn off AA entirely. 

For a PC only game performance is key, so while the game is being showered with praise from a gameplay standpoint it seems that the game’s performance has and will continue to be a major turn off for consumers for some time to come. 


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