GPU Prices Start to Reduce

GPU Prices Start to Tumble

GPU Prices Start To Tumble

We’ve been seeing some gradual levels of normality returning to the GPU world in recent times. As the global pandemic eases a little and fewer people are stuck indoors wanting to upgrade their rigs, added to the reduction in the need to get into the murky world of cryptocurrency as a way to supplement your income, so prices are creeping down.

Unsurprisingly we’ve got way too much other work to do to follow every possible outlet, but a German website, 3DCenter has very diligently crunched the numbers of an array of popular models and their pricing in a variety of places to put some hard numbers behind this price fall. 

GPU Prices Start to Tumble  

Whilst it might be the German market they’re focussing upon, it’s nice to have some hard data that backs up the general feeling across the marketplace in recent weeks of things stabilising and almost returning to normal. eBay prices are still way beyond what one might expect from a second hand card, and yet similarly are showing a fast fall in average prices.

Perhaps the darkest days of £1000 for a £300 card are finally over and we can all get down to the business of paying reasonable money for our graphical heavyweights.

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