Inno3D Introduces The WAVE Passive Cooling Solution

News Posted 28/02/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

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InnoVISION Multimedia Limited has introduced the WAVE passive cooling solution to their Inno3D mainstream 7 series. Now we all know that the main advantage for passive cooling is that it generates zero noise.

According to the source, the main features for the Inno3D Wave design include:

1. Curve Wave design – uniquely designed to penetrate heat from top to bottom of the PCB and also circulates heat in and out. (Refer to the diagram)
2. Clipping Arm – is clipped securely onto the top part of the PCB in order to help absorb heat (Refer to the diagram)
3. Double sided Aluminum Extrusion Fins – increases surface area consecutively to radiate heat efficiently (Refer to the diagram)
4. Raise specific heat capacity – lowers temperature increment i.e. is the measure of the heat energy required to raise the temperature of a specific quantity of a substance by a certain amount.



According to the manufacturer, the Wave is ready and equipped on their mainstream 7 series.

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