Intel hopes to launch their next-gen Battlemage GPUs “before Black Friday”

Intel plans to launch their next-generation ARC Battlemage GPUs this year

According to, “industry circles” are discussing next-generation Intel ARC Battlemage GPUs at Embedded World 2024. While Intel are using the event to market their new ARC Alchemist-based Embedded graphics chips, talk has quickly moved to what’s next. According to unnamed sources, Intel plans to launch their next-generation ARC Battlemage GPUs “before Black Friday”.

It seems clear that Intel are targeting a Autumn launch for their next-generation graphics cards. This year, Black Friday is on November 29th, and Intel will hopefully launch their new GPUs before this date.

So far, Intel has said very little about their next-generation Battlemage graphics cards. That said, we should expect to see a hefty generational performance leap from the blue team. After all, ARC Alchemist wasn’t a high-end gaming product, and Intel needs to aim higher if they want gaming enthusiasts to take them more seriously.

With recent driver releases, Intel has showcased strong performance improvements across a large number of games. Additionally, XeSS 1.3 has promised increased image quality and boosted upscaling performance. These efforts showcase Intel’s seriousness when it comes to the GPU market, and the launch of Battlemage is Intel; opportunity to have a huge impact on the broader GPU market. Let’s just hope that Battlemage’s launch goes smoothly, and they they can deliver strong performance and pricing with their next-generation products. The GPU market would really benefit from a strong third option. After all, competition is a good thing.

You can join the discussion on Intel’s ARC Battlemage GPU launch plans on the OC3D Forums.

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