Intel Invites Gamers to join a Global Graphics Odyssey

Intel Invites Gamers to join a Global Graphics Odyssey

Intel Invites Gamers to join a Global Graphics Odyssey

Say what you will about Intel’s current graphics offerings, but the company is on the way towards revolutionising the graphics market, adding a third player into the mix to take on both AMD and Nvidia in both the gaming and professional markets. 

In 2020, Intel plans to enter the discrete graphics market with a bang, introducing their new Xe graphics architecture with plans to scale from the datacentre down to gamers and even low-end graphics offerings. Intel is being ambitious, and given the engineering talents and insane R&D budgets the company has at their disposal, they have every right to be.   

Today Intel has announced “The Odyssey”, a series of events which will span the whole world, giving graphics enthusiasts to let their voices be heard, whether they are gamers, content creators or otherwise passionate about visual computing. These events will range from places like Taipei to Bangalore though to Paris and more proximate locations like London and Dublin. In all, Intel plans to visit 17 locations, and give their fans a “closer to the inner workings of visual technology development”. 

Those who are interested can sign up to Intel’s graphics Odyssey on the company’s official gaming website. 

    The Odyssey is built around a passionate community, focused on improving graphics and visual computing for everyone, from gamers to content creators. And we want voices like yours to help guide us.

We’re committed to listening to the community, and in return you will get closer to the inner workings of visual technology development than ever before.

You’ll hear the latest reports first and you’ll have access to some amazing offers and exclusive giveaways. The Odyssey is about how we’ll work together to build the visual computing solutions you really want.

You also have the opportunity to receive the Intel Gaming Access newsletter which gives gamers a VIP pass to killer deals and freebies, preferred beta access, the latest gaming news, and more.


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