Intel’s ARC A750/A770 are now readily available in the UK

Intel's ARC A750/A770 are now readily available in the UK

Intel’s ARC A750 Limited Edition GPU is now available in the UK for £249.95

When Intel first launched their ARC A-series of graphics cards, it was clear that not much, if any, stock was allocated to the UK and Europe. Aside from a few media reviews, Intel’s ARC graphics cards were practically nowhere to be seen the UK, and since then ARC A-series GPU stocks have been limited to a handful of retailers, all of which had limited stock. 

Today, Intel’s ARC A-Series graphics cards are not readily available at UK retailers, with both Overclockers UK and Ebuyer stocking Intel ARC A750 and ARC A770 graphics cards. Overclockers UK are currently selling Intel’s Limited Edition ARC A750 8GB GPU for £249.95, making them the cheapest place to get an ARC A750 graphics card. 

Intel markets their ARC A750 graphics card as an RTX 3060 competitor, and its sub-£250 pricing also makes it a significantly cheaper option. Overclockers UK’s £249.95 price point for Intel’s ARC A750 is more similar to an RTX 3050 than an RTX 3060, making Intel’s offering an attractive one for budget PC gamers.

Intel's ARC A750/A770 are now readily available in the UK

While Intel’s ARC A750 promises to deliver gamers exceptional value for money, it is worth remembering that Intel is a newcomer to the GPU market, and that there are some areas where their ARC graphics cards perform worse than expected. Even so, Intel’s driver team have been releasing frequent driver update for their ARC series graphics cards, many of which have added optimisations that have delivered performance increases across a variety of games.

If you buy an Intel ARC series graphics card, you will have to contend with the perks and downsides of being an early adopter. The good side is that new updates could dramatically increase the capabilities of your hardware, and the bad side is that you may come across some issues that you didn’t expect, be it in the form of poor performance in specific games, or other issues that Intel’s driver team needs to iron out.

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