MSI are bringing AI to their latest OLED monitors, and it feels like cheating

MSI are enhancing their latest monitors with AI technology

MSI has done a lot to improve their 2024 OLED lineup. For starters, they have moved to a next-generation OLED screen, delivering sharper text and new anti burn-in technologies. This icing on the cake is the new AI technologies that MSI are adding to their monitors.

AI enhancements are part of all of MSI’s next-generation OLED monitors, though we will specifically be looking at the MEG 321URX QD-OLED. We got to see this monitor in person when we toured MSI’s CES booth. This 4K 240Hz monitor boasts 0.03ms grey-to-grey response times, MSI’s Mystic Light RGB enhancements and other neat features.

With their new OLED screens, MSI are launching their new “Gaming Intellegence” app and new AI technologies. With the Gaming Intelligence app, gamers will be able to control their monitor’s settings using their PCs, utilise the screen’s KVM, or activate image enhancement technologies. That’s a lot easier than using an on-screen menu for these features.

AI Upgrades? Firmware updates could deliver new features

One thing that MSI has delivered with their latest monitors is the ability to easily upgrade your screen’s firmware. using the screen’s USB connector, users can update their screen’s firmware whenever MSI releases an update. This makes sure that the software driving your screen is an efficient and optimised as possible. It also allows MSI to add new AI modules to their screen. Yes, it is possible for MSI to upgrade their AI monitors with new AI goodies.

MSI AI in action

The AI era is here, but it will take time for developers and users to find out how to best use AI. As a starting point, MSI has created an AI module that can spot and point out enemies in League of Legends. Yes, that’s the monitor adding the red icon above the enemy player. This is only one example of how AI can be used to assist gamers.

Honestly, this League of Legends AI assistant feels like cheating. That said, it is only pointing out on-screen information, which is something that experienced players should spot anyway. Is this a cheating device, or an assistant for less experienced players?

MSI AI Vision

Another example of monitor AI is AI Vision. MSI has trained an deep learning model that can be used to reveal more details in the dark areas of games. This can also be used to brighten images and saturate colours. By highlighting dark areas and showcasing the detail within, MSI can assist players by helping them find hidden enemies or loot.

AI technology has a lot of potential. While it is seen as a buzzword by many, it is undeniable that AI is here and it can be used to improve future technologies. MSI are already finding ways to use it to improve their latest monitors. It’s only a matter of time before we see it used elsewhere.

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