MSI launches its portable IPS Optix MAG161V Monitor

MSI launches its portable IPS Optix MAG161 Gaming Monitor

MSI launches its portable IPS Optix MAG161V Gaming Monitor

The CES 2020 awards body may have lied to us, MSI’s Optix MAG161 might not be the 240Hz mobile display that was promised. Sad times. That said, this portable 60Hz IPS monitor may be a better product because of it. Meet the MSI Optix MAG61V   

Better? How is a 75% reduction in refresh rate better? It isn’t, but we can see more people paying for a portable 60Hz IPS display than a 240Hz gaming monster. This screen is for portable productivity, and we know a lot of people who would be interested in a travel-friendly multi-screen setup. 

Another possibility is that MSI has several MAG series displays in the works, with the pure MAG161 being a 240Hz model while MSI’s V-model is designed for pricing-focused consumers and professional. MSI’s gaming-focused model will undoubtedly have a more niche audience, so a cheaper, 60Hz model would make sense.

MSI’s Optix MAG161V is a 60Hz 15.6-inch IPS monitor which features an ultra-slim 5.1mm profile and support for both USB Type-C and mini HDMI devices. This monitor is a compact 1080p screen which weighs under 1kg, making it ideal for transport within a backpack or laptop case. 


   Dual-monitor experience is not restricted to your workplace or at home. Optix MAG161V is suitable for various uses: you can present to your customers in the cafeteria; you can have fun with your friends while gaming with a larger screen; you can watch the video on your way home after a long working day.

Work smart, play hard. Doesn’t matter if you are working or gaming, there is no doubt that MSI Optix MAG161V will be your best choice.

Below are the specifications for MSI’s Optix MAG161V display. At the time of writing, MSI’s Optix MAG161V monitor is listed at Newegg for $249.99.

MSI launches its portable IPS Optix MAG161 Gaming Monitor  

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