MSI “fully intend to continue with Afterburner” overclocking software


MSI plans to continue supporting MSI Afterburner, despite difficulties.  

MSI Afterburner is one of the world’s most popular GPU overclocking utilities, being commonly used by PC gamers regardless of their GPU’s manufacturer. MSI Afterburner is developed by Alexey Nicolaychuk, who is known as “Unwinder” online, a Russian national who has been in charge of the applications development and is the developer being RivaTuner Statistics Server. 

Yesterday, we reported that MSI Afterburner’s development is in jeopardy due to western sanctions against Russia, which has prevented MSI from paying Unwinder for maintaining their MSI Afterburner software. This has lead “Unwinder” to state that the MSI Afterburner project is “probably dead”, but now MSI has made it clear that they plan to continue supporting the software.

MSI has stated that they are trying to figure out how to to pay Unwinder for his development efforts. 

Below is a statement that MSI has made to WCCFTECH’s Hassan Mujtaba. 

   Our product marketing & accounting team are dealing with this problem now. Due to the war, our payment couldn’t transfer to the author’s bank account successfully. We are still keeping in touch with him and figuring out how to solve this


MSI reportedly expect their payment issue to be “resolved soon”, though at this time it is unknown how MSI plans to bypass Russian sanctions. Beyond that, now that it is public information that MSI are actively trying to send money into Russia, it will be interesting to see how governments and law enforcement will react to this.

Below is a statement that MSI has made to PC Gamer. 

    We fully intend to continue with MSI Afterburner,” MSI tells PC Gamer. “MSI have been working on a solution and expect it to be resolved soon.

So what does the future hold for MSI Afterburner? Who knows… If MSI can resume payments to Unwinder, there is no reason why MSI Afterburner’s development won’t continue. That said, it is unknown if MSI’s payment issues will be “resolved soon” as claimed. I guess we will have to wait and see. 

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