Nvidia confirms its 12-pin power connector for Ampere series Founders Edition GPUs

Seasonic confirms Nvidia's 12-pin Micro-Fit 3.0 Power Connector

Nvidia confirms its 12-pin power connector for Ampere series Founders Edition GPUs

Earlier today, Nvidia revealed its new 12-pin power connector, a radical new design which allows the company to supply its graphics cards with more power over a smaller connector. This reveal was part of a wider overview of Nvidia’s planned RTX Founder Edition cooler redesigns. 

Images of a 12-pin PSU adapter from Seasonic released a few days ago through HardwareLuxx, revealing that two 8-pin power connectors could be adapted into a single 12-pin power connector. This means that users of Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 30 Series Founders Edition products will not need a new power supply to utilise the company’s latest graphics cards. 

Nvidia has confirmed that they will supply 12-pin power adaptors to enable compatibility with existing power supplies. Nvidia has confirmed that their 12-pin power connector is their invention, making it unclear whether or not PSU makers or other graphics card manufacturers will adopt this connection as a new industry standard. 

Strangely, Nvidia has pictured this new power connector in a vertical orientation at a 45-degree angle. At this time it is unclear whether or not this cable orientation will be seen in Nvidia’s future RTX 30 series products, or if this image is a mock-up. We will learn more when Nvidia reveals its next-generation products next week. 


Nvidia confirms its 12-pin power connector for Ampere series Founders Edition GPUs  

Cable Management Woes

One concern surrounding Nvidia’s new 12-pin power connector is the prospect of using 12-pin to 8-pin power adaptors, as they will inhibit cable management for many PC enthusiasts. Users of braided PSU cables are unlikely to be able to purchase braided adapters, and creating custom braided adapters with such a tiny connector will prove challenging for members of the modding community. 

The introduction of a new type of PSU connector will prove troublesome for many aesthetics-focused PC enthusiasts. That said, it is likely that some of Nvidia’s AIB partners will continue to utilise 8-pin and 6-pin PCIe power connectors within their custom RTX 30 series products. 

In time, power supplies with 12-pin PCIe power may become commonplace, especially if Nvidia’s 12-pin power connector becomes a broader industry standard.

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