Nvidia launches their RTX 4090D graphics card and confirms it specifications

Nvidia officially launches their RTX 4090D graphics card in China

Due to US export restrictions, Nvidia has been forced to stop selling their RTX 4090 graphics card in China. To mitigate the impact of this export ban, Nvidia has created a new RTX 4090 model called the RTX 4090D. This new China-only graphics card is designed to deliver similar performance levels to their RTX 4090 while delivering levels of AI performance that sit within the US’ export limits.

Nvidia China have today confirmed the specifications of their RTX 4090D graphics card. These specifications reveal that the RTX 4090D has a TDP that is 25W lower than the RTX 4090. This gives the GPU a TDP of 425W. The graphics card also features 24GB of 21Gbps GDDR6X memory over 384-bit memory bus. Nvidia has also confirmed that the GPU features fewer CUDA cores than their standard RTX 4090, 14,592 VS 16,384.

Nvidia’s new China-only RTX 4090 model also features the same boost clock speed as Nvidia’s standard RTX 4090 (2.52GHz), but a slightly higher base clock speed of 2.28GHz.

Based on the specifications that Nvidia has revealed, their RTX 4090D features 456 Tensor cores. This is a significant downgrade over the original RTX 4090’s 512 Tensor cores. This drop in Tensor core count is the same as the CPU’s drop in CUDA core count in percentage terms.

It is clear that Nvidia’s new RTX 4090 D graphics cards will feature PCB and heatsink designs that are practically identical to their standard RTX 4090 counterparts. For the most part, both GPUs are identical, with primary difference being how much of Nvidia’s AD102 silicon is enabled.

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