Nvidia G80 Will Launch In November

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Nvidia is expected to announce the world’s first DirectX 10-compliant graphics chip, the GeForce 8800 (codenamed G80), in the middle of November, graphics card makers revealed. According to the Source
graphics card manufacturers have stated that despite the advantage of early launch, demand for the new graphics processing unit (GPU) will depend on penetration rate of the new Windows Vista OS and availability of new PC games supporting DirectX 10 .

Further, the manufacturers have cast doubt as to whether ATI will have its own DX10 compliant card (R600) available before 2007. It’s interesting to note that DirectX 10 is positioned as a Vista-only solution; which one could  presume will at least have backwards compatibility with previous Windows versions. But, this has yet to be confirmed. Although, Microsoft has only promised that Windows Vista will run DirectX 9.0, allowing to later upgrade it to DirectX 10 via Windows Update. There are currently no mention of pricing structures.

You can view images of the supposed G80 here

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