Nvidia Says No To AGP For GeForce 8 Series?

News Posted 28/02/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

Nvidia logo

Those of you eagerly awaiting Nvidia’a announcement of an AGP version for the GeForce 8 Series, prepare to be disappointed. The reason given isn’t entirely surprising, but simply, it can’t support it.

Therefore all DX10 G80, G84 and G86 cards will be PCI Express based. Also NVIDIA has not revealed the official marketing name for G84 and G86 yet but there will be 2 SKUs for G84 and one SKU for G86 at launch. G84GTS (G84-300) and G84GT (G84-400) are slated for launch in April while G86 (G86-300) will launch later in May. Interesting, G86-300 is 128-bit like the G84 while the rest of the G86 variants are 64-bit.

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