Nvidia To Ban Overclocking On All Upcoming G80 Graphics Cards

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Looking forward to getting your hands on Nvidia’s next generation DX10 G80, and overclocking the bits out of it? If Nvidia have their way, not likely! 

An online source has stated that Nvidia laid down the law to its manufacturing partners, and put simply – it won’t allow the overclocking of G80 cards. Apparently, Nvidia’s change of heart has stemmed from the high rate of RMA’d 7900 GT cards, which went the way of the dodo from overclocking. And, quite possibly the fact that the G80 may have some major problems. So essentially the word from Nvidia is ‘if you overclock your card – you’re on your own’.

Of course, there may be some manufacturers who are willing to provide a warranty for factory overclocked cards, but before you buy make sure you check the fine print.

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