One foot in the grave, AMD starts retiring Polaris and Vega by reducing driver support

AMD’s Polaris and Vega GPUs will only receive critical updates moving forward – RDNA is the future

AMD has confirmed that they are starting to sunset their older pre-RDNA graphics architectures. Moving forward, AMD’s Polaris and Vega based graphics cards be receiving reduced driver support from AMD. AMD’s limiting Pre-RDNA driver support to critical updates. These updates will include important security and functionality updates.

AMD’s Polaris and Vega graphics architectures are utilised on the company’s RX 400 series, RX 500 series, RX Vega series, and Radeon VII graphics cards. In a statement to Anandtech, AMD has stated that these GPUs no longer benefit from regular software tuning. As such, AMD are reducing their driver support for their Polaris and Vega products to allocate more resources elsewhere.

Below is AMD’s full statement to Anandtech regarding Radeon Polaris and Vega driver updates.

The AMD Polaris and Vega graphics architectures are mature, stable and performant and don’t benefit as much from regular software tuning. Going forward, AMD is providing critical updates for Polaris- and Vega-based products via a separate driver package, including important security and functionality updates as available. The committed support is greater than for products AMD categorizes as legacy, and gamers can still enjoy their favorite games on Polaris and Vega-based products.

AMD’s latest GPU driver, AMD Software 23.11.1, only supports AMD’s RDNA based graphics cards. A separate driver for AMD’s older pre-RDNA products is also available. Radeon appears to be focusing their resources on RDNA GPU support, hoping to increase the optimisation of their newer GPUs and focus more on feature updates.

Radeon’s GPU designs have changed significantly since the days of GCN (Graphics Core Next). Polaris and Vega are the last Radeon GPUs based on GCN. AMD’s RX 5000 series and newer GPUs are based on the company’s newer RDNA (Radeon DNA) architecture. As AMD continues to upgrade their RDNA graphics architecture, their Radeon GPU designs are looking less and less like the GCN GPUs that preceded them.

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