PlayStation 4 Remote Play unofficially adapted for PC

PlayStation 4 Remote Play unofficially adapted for PC

PlayStation 4 Remote Play unofficially adapted for PC


PlayStation 4’s Remote Play feature has now been unofficially adapted for PC, essentially giving the PS4 a whole new feature, but sadly it is not going to be available for free. 

The PS4’s remote play function is only designed to work with the Playstation Vita, certain Sony Xperia devices and Sony’s Playstation TV, but this new app it is now possible on the PC, giving the PS4 their own equivalent to the Xbox One’s Xbox to PC streaming. 



The developer behind this app would like to work on this project in a more full time capacity, continuing to improve the apps stability and performance while simultaneously making it available on more and more devices. In order to achieve this the developer is looking to release this app for the price of £6.50/$10, which isn’t much considering the price of some emulators are on Android. 


        So, as some of you may already deducted from the picture I posted earlier I’m hoping to release the first version of Remote Play PC on Wednesday!

I was planning on waiting until release to address this but I’ve seen it mentioned a few times and I don’t want to mislead anyone – I know a lot of you will be disappointed by this but I’m afraid Remote Play PC will not be free and you will be required to purchase it. Now before you all start shouting ‘Bloody money grabber! Release it for free!’ hear me out.

I’ve been working on this project mostly part time for over a year when the Android version was first released in October 2014. I’ve lost count the amount of hours I’ve put in over this time but I’ve enjoyed every moment working on this project which leads me onto my main point. I’d like to work on this project full time, adding features, getting it stable and porting it to other platforms which I know a lot of you want! The only way to support this is to charge for the app, all my previous projects have been free and I don’t want to have to but sadly its the only way to support my living costs. On the plus side this means I have more time to work on the project and provide support to its users, something which I’ve been limited on in the past.

I hope you all can understand my reason for going this route and continue to support the project, I look forward to hearing all your ideas and features which can be added to make the app even better!

I’m still reviewing final pricing but I’m looking to release with a starting point of £6.50/$10.



It is going to be a difficult ask to get PC gamers to pay for an app like this, but it certainly is a valuable app for those who would like to Stream their PS4 content outside of the living room.


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