PowerColor Introduces X1950 PRO Equipped With ARCTIC COOLING

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In continuation with the ATI X1950 Pro theme
TUL Corporation, a leading provider of graphic cards, today announced the PowerColor X1950 PRO 256/512MB with ARCTIC COOLING. The X1950 PRO features the first-ever GPU manufactured at 80nm fabrication process and to feature the new CrossFireTM Bridge Interconnect. PowerColor has also included the excellent ARCTIC COOLING Accelero X2 .

“Gamers have longed for a graphics card that runs graphic-intensive games with quiet cooling at a reasonable price. We are able to deliver this with the PowerColor X1950 PRO.” says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation.

“We are pleased to have found a partner to bundle our silent coolers with high performance graphic cards. Both fans of ARCTIC COOLING and PowerColor are sure to be excited.” says Magnus Huber, Managing Director R&D of ARCTIC COOLING.

You can view the PowerColor X1950 Pro 512 Extreme here, and the PowerColor X1950 Pro Extreme 256 here

PowerColor X1950 Pro

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