R600 Clocks Higher Than 800MHz

News Posted 01/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

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According to VR-Zone’s source, all of the benchmarks we have seen previously of R600’s performance are purely fictional.

“…R600 GDDR3 card uses 12 layers PCB while the R600 GDDR4 card uses 12-16 layers PCB. The silicon for R600 only reaches A13 revision and there are no A14, 15 or 17 revisions. According to them, currently all the ATi R600 benchmarks out there aren’t real and R600 core clock is not lower than 800MHz.”

Apparently the R600 GDDR3 card will be available in early May while R600 GDDR4 will be available in mid May but in limited quantities.

I can’t wait to see some legit benchies of this monster

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