Radeon’s General Manager, Mike Rayfield, to Resign from AMD

Radeon's General Manager, Mike Rayfield, to Resign from AMD

Radeon’s General Manager, Mike Rayfield, to Resign from AMD

AMD has officially confirmed that Mike Rayfield, the general manager of the Radeon Technologies Group, will leave the company before the end of this month, less than a year after taking his post. 

The official reasoning behind his resignation is to spend more time with his family and to “pursue his personal passions”. Yesterday rumours started circulating about Rayfield retirement in an exclusive report from WCCFtech, which paints a less flattering picture behind the scenes.   

Back in late January, AMD announced that Mike Rayfield and David Wang would both lead the Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) and General Manager and President of Engineering respectively, with the Rayfield’s General Manager title falling to David Wang as AMD searches for a new leader for the group. 

This will be the second major switch in Radeon’s leadership in less than two years, with Raja Koduri, the former head of RTG, leaving AMD to join Intel in the second half of 2017. Before joining AMD, Mike Rayfield worked for both Micron and Nvidia, working in each company’s mobile business units. At Nvidia, Rayfield focused on Nvidia’s Tegra series of chips, which powers Nvidia’s Shield range of devices and Nintendo’s Switch console.    

AMD Reforges the Radeon Technologies Group under new Leadership

(Mike Rayfield, Former GM of RTG)

David Wang, who is now interim leader of RTG, worked for ATI/AMD between 2000 and 20012, working on products that ranged from R300 all the way to GCN 1.0. Before returning to AMD, Wang found success during his time with Synaptics, which saw the company’s design teams quadruple in size during his time as senior vice president of Systems Silicon Engineering.     

David Wang is no stranger to leadership, but AMD seems committed to finding separate leaders for RTG’s business and engineering sides, an arrangement which will allow each leader to better focus on each aspect of RTG’s business. For the time being, Wang will have to fulfil both roles. 

AMD Reforges the Radeon Technologies Group under new Leadership(David Wang, President of Engineering and Interim Leader of RTG)

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