Samsung Showcases 75-inch and 219-inch MicroLED TVs at CES

Samsung Showcases 75-inch and 219-inch MicroLED TVs at CES

Samsung Showcases 75-inch and 219-inch MicroLED TVs at CES

Back at CES 2018, Samsung revealed “The Wall”, a MicroLED TV that spanned 146 inches, showcasing the scaling benefits of the company’s modular MicroLED technology. 

Now, one year on, Samsung has revealed their second-generation iteration of “The Wall”, improving their technology to lessen the gap between individual MicroLED panels while also creating “home-friendly” 4K MicroLED screens that span a more reasonable 75 inches.   

MicroLEDs are set to replace OLEDs as the world’s leading display type, offering the same on-off functionality that allows pixels to display true blacks, while also providing high levels of peak luminance (2,000 nits for “The Wall 2019”) and faster response times. The technology is also said to be less prone to image retention than OLEDs, making MicroLED an obvious pick to be OLEDs successor in the high-end TV market. 

By their very nature, MicroLEDs are a module technology, with each emissive screen offering a baseless design, allowing screens to be configured into seemingly any aspect ratio. At CES Samsung has showcased 9×3, 1×7 and 5;1 displays, with Samsung demoing displays that can be changed to new aspect ratios on the fly, on the show floor. Samsung’s MicroLED technology will make screens with uncommon aspect ratios incredibly easy to produce.    


Samsung Showcases 75-inch and 219-inch MicroLED TVs at CES (This isn’t artwork, that’s a 219-inch MicroLED TV) 

Thanks to the sleek nature of MicroLED panels, Samsung can create screens as large as 219-inches that can fade into the background in a flash, using the display’s “wall mode” feature, allowing the display to take on the appearance of artwork. Users of the wall will be able to define what the screen shows, with Samsung offering users a selection of materials, images and other content to display. The screen can also be used to showcase information such as time, the weather and other useful notifications. 

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