Sapphire Releases Two New High Performance HD 4890 Cards

Sapphire Releases Two New High Performance HD 4890 Cards
The new Sapphire Toxic HD 4890 is factory overclocked at 950MHzMotherboard and graphics card manufacturer Sapphire Technology today announced two new additions to its HD 4890 cards’ line-up. Both new cards come with Sapphire’s innovative Vapor-X cooling technology.
Dubbed the Toxic HD 4890 and the Vapor-X HD 4890 respectively, the new cards feature 1GB of GDDR5 memory and are clocked at 1,050MHz (4.2Gbps). A combination of Vapor-X cooling and heatpipes makes the Toxic Edition card similar to Sapphire’s Atomic Edition HD 4890. This edition however has been factory overclocked to 960MHz, which combined with the GDDR5 memory makes it a high-performance card.
The Vapor-X Edition on the other hand features the patent pending Black Diamond Choke design. This gives the card near silent operation with 25% lesser power consumption than cards with traditional chokes. Clocked at 870MHz, it only has Vapor-X cooling without the heatpipes. Both cards come with on-board DisplayPort and HDMI outputs.
The Vapor-X HD 4890's Black Diamond Choke make it 25% more energy efficientThe new cards have PCI-Express Gen2 interface with twin connectors for CrossFireX cables. This makes it easy for high-end gaming enthusiasts to achieve extremely high graphics performance by combining two or more cards on a CrossFireX compatible mainboard.
The cards are expected to be priced between $250 and $300, with retail availability likely in the coming month.
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